Welcome to Debbie’s Online Booking Option!

We are pleased to offer the convenience of online booking for our current guests. This feature will allow you to book future appointments as well as view upcoming appointments already scheduled.

Already a Client?

If you’re already a client, we’re excited to provide our services to you again. Please use the link below to book your appointment online.

Not a Current Client or Haven’t Signed Up Yet

click on the link below to request an appointment.

To Sign Up for Online Booking

  1. Please see a member of our guest Services team. At this time you will receive your own personal ID number and password to use when you log on to our online booking.
  2. Please refer to the instructions below to begin online booking with us. Online booking privileges are contingent upon following these guidelines.

Exceptions for Online Booking

There are some services and some stylist that require special attention when scheduling appointments. Therefore, there are some booking situations that cannot be scheduled online. Examples of this would be Wedding Services, specialized perms or straightenings. If you are having trouble scheduling an appointment, it does not necessarily mean that the service or technician is not available. In this event, please contact a member of our Guest Services team at (904) 825-0569 and they will be happy to assist you with these appointments during our regular business hours.

How to Book Your Online Appointment

  1. Click on the link to Online Booking.
  2. Type in your personal Client ID number and password.
  3. Click once on the On Line Booking tab in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Follow the steps on the screen by choosing the type of service you would like to book for yourself, then the service*.
  5. *Please Note: It is important that you choose the correct service that you wish to book. Be sure to click on the question mark symbol to the right of the Service drop down menu for a description of each service.
  6. Choose the technician you would prefer to see and the date you would like to come in for your appointment.
  7. If you are booking more than one service (for example, a haircut and a pedicure), type in the maximum amount of time (in increments of 15 minutes) you are willing to wait between your services. If you would prefer no waiting time, simply type in the number zero in this field.
  8. Choose the earliest time you are available to come in and the latest time you are available to come in for your appointment.
  9. Click on “Find Available Appointments.” The computer will search to find you all available appointments based on the criteria you provided. Simply select the appointment that works best for you by clicking the circle next to the appointment date and time, or modify your preferences if no appointments are available. Then, click “Book.” Your booked appointment will be confirmed on the next screen, along with a confirmation number.
  10. A member of our Guest Services team will be happy to assist you with all of your questions and booking needs. Please call us at (904)825-0569 during our regular business hours.

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